We’re all navigating uncharted territory right now with Coronavirus and many people are feeling anxious about the unknown. To quote one of my favorite people, Mr. Fred Rogers, regarding times of crisis: “Look for the Helpers.”

In lieu of our March meeting, we created space for you to post on social media to share what it is that is happening for you so we can see how we can support one another during this time. Check out whichever is your preferred social media platform: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn or email us directly. We also recommend Independent Sector’s Resource Page for Covid-19.

This piece from The Chronicle of Philanthropy said “while Covid-19 is testing the mettle of our nation, it also presents a novel opportunity for charities and foundations to remind the American public about our proven ability to rise to adaptive challenges such as this.” Even if your job, your volunteers and the services your organization provides are heavily impacted right now and you don’t feel like you’re one of the helpers, I promise the time is coming. And in the meantime, we are here to support you.

From all of us on the Board: Stay safe and Be Well!







Kate Ekman, CVA, President of DOVIA-LA