Pictured, 2019 Publicity Committee: Mackenzie , Bethany, Kate, Natalie (Not Pictured, Sokha) I had so much fun and learned so much leading the Publicity Committee. And now I get to be President and two of these committee members are now on the Board! 


At our January meeting, I heard the word “isolated” over and over.

Over the more than four years  I’ve been involved, I have heard countless folks say that until they found DOVIA-LA, they had no idea where else to go to learn about how to do their job or connect with others in the field. And the “connect” part of DOVIA-LA for volunteer directors, volunteer managers, volunteer coordinators, associates, and folks where volunteer isn’t even in their main title but is a big part of the work that they do, it’s a legit blessing. It’s also a focus of what we want to help members and guests do this year. Check our March meeting out!

We have a great year of networking and education in store. But we also want to help with the professional development piece. Do you want to learn how to be a better volunteer professional so you can elevate yourself professionally? Do more good work? Make more money? Well, you can be sure listing board service looks great on a resumé!

Our association for volunteer engagement professionals has existed in Los Angeles for decades all because of members’ willingness to volunteer and take on leadership positions. But we truly are lucky because that isn’t the case in across the country. In a recent article by Rob Jackson and Erin R. Spink, they said “For a profession built on the idea that volunteerism builds civic society as well as benefits the individual, isn’t it ironic that we often seem to have a shortage of people willing to step up and volunteer to lead our associations or contribute in other critical ways?” Oops!

I’m so grateful to those who were in leadership positions in DOVIA-LA leading up to today and for our leadership team this year. The team is amazing and we have so much fun! (Learn more about my dream team at www.doviala.org/about.) But we want to do more. We’re looking to include folks who can commit as few as 1 and up to 5 hours per month on project and committee work from taking on simple, clear assignments to opportunities to lead. I’d personally be thrilled to get a message on social media, to our email to answer questions or schedule a call to talk about what you’re interested in achieving.

Let’s lift each other up!

Kate Ekman, President of DOVIA-LA