(Pictured L-R: First Vice President Tara Miller, Secretary Mackenzie Cummins, Treasurer Stephanie Lopez, Vice President of Publicity Kate Ekman, President Shade Mokuolu, Vice President of Education and Programs Meghan Maloney, Vice President of Membership Brianna Beyrooty, and outgoing Vice President of Education and Programs Betsy Ann Mudd)

This past weekend, the 2019 DOVIA-LA Board spent all day Saturday at the California Endowment in a retreat strategizing for the new year. We got to know one another, brought the new board members into the fold, got some guidance from our outgoing VP of Education & Programs Betsy Ann Mudd, and determined we would like to focus our energy for 2019 supporting our current members and growing our membership. With so many non-profits and other organizations utilizing volunteers in the Los Angeles area, we have a fantastic opportunity to expand our reach and forge new relationships with other volunteer professionals. The greater our membership, the greater the benefit for all of us in our work and opportunity to enhance our organization’s abilities to meet their mission by expanding capacity and engaging our communities in volunteerism.

We’ll be casting the net widely and invite you to help us – if you know anyone who isn’t already a part of DOVIA-LA who are volunteer coordinators, volunteer managers, volunteer directors, great people who work with volunteers in any title, or area organizations with volunteer programs, let’s work together to see how we might be able to support them!

Read all about our new board at www.doviala.org/about