At Education Day, the question of how to screen volunteers and how to absorb the cost. CalNonprofits ( has a great resource for members.

In the nonprofit community we want to assume that everyone looking to work for or with our organization is well-intentioned and trustworthy. But it’s usually a good idea — and sometimes a legal requirement — to conduct background checks in order to make good hiring decisions and mitigate the risk of lawsuits and claims against the organization.

Choosing the right background check provider is crucial to providing a safe and secure environment for your community. CalNonprofits full members now have access to discounted rates and the great customized services of background check provider Coeus Global.

Streamlined process with your own online portal and dashboard

Secure online signatures and applications — no more chasing down signed pieces of paper

Allow volunteers to donate the cost of their background check to your organization (about 20% of them do!)

FREE risk management support and customized screening packages – including drug testing, fingerprinting, criminal background checks and much more!

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