Top Ten Reasons to Consider CVA Certification (
1) Certification offers credibility. The CCVA is the only international entity that
offers the professional credential for volunteer administrators. Certification serves
as a third-party endorsement of knowledge and experience against industry
standards in volunteer administration.
2) Certification can improve career opportunities and advancement. The CVA
can give staff the advantage when being considered for promotion and career
opportunities. The CVA clearly identifies staff that have demonstrated mastery of
volunteer administration principles based on accepted best practices.
3) Certification demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of
volunteer administration. The CVA is a clear indicator of an investment in one’s
own professional development.
4) Certification strengthens the profession’s image. The CVA credential
demonstrates a commitment to competence by employers and makes one stand
out as a role model in the profession.
5) Certification = achievement. CVA certification requires the demonstration of
experience and implementation of best practices as well as adherence to the
highest ethical standards in volunteer administration.
6) Certification increases or validates skills and knowledge. Achieving the CVA
requires a year-long commitment to study and self-reflection in volunteer
administration. Re-certification is required every 5 years, proving that certificants
stay current with trends in the profession.
7) Certification builds self-esteem. The CVA inspires increased confidence in the
volunteer administrator’s core competencies.
8) Certification offers recognition from colleagues. CVA certification
demonstrates leadership and taking the extra step in one’s professional career is
respected by colleagues.
9) Certification supports continued professional development. Re-certification
requires continued learning and development, and rewards the mentoring of
others in the profession.
10) Certification offers international networking opportunities. CCVA provides
an internal network for professions in volunteer administration to network with one
another through social media.