DOVIA-LA offers financial scholarships to our annual Education Day for DOVIA-LA members in good standing (i.e., membership dues paid and current). By filling out this application (Ed Day Scholarship Application 2014), a DOVIA-LA member will be considered for a scholarship.

Selection for a scholarship is based on numerous and varied criteria, which may include:

  • Involvement in community activities
  • Evidence of leadership qualities
  • Achievement and promise in the field of volunteer management
  • Financial need


  • A complete scholarship file includes:
  • A general scholarship application
  • An essay of no more than 500 words stating your commitment to volunteer management, how DOVIA-LA has assisted you in professional development, and the basis for financial assistance
  • One letter of recommendation

All scholarship materials (which are non-confidential) must be submitted as a complete package by the appropriate deadline date. All sections of the application need to be completed.

The deadline to submit an application will be September 12, 2014.

The DOVIA-LA Board of Directors will review all scholarship applications and appropriate funds accordingly.

For any questions or concerns regarding scholarship requirements or deadlines, please contact us at or contact:

Charlie Rubin, DOVIA-LA Vice President

Ed Day Scholarship Application 2014