Violence Prevention CoalitionSocial Venture Partners is launching an Encore Fellowship program in Los Angeles. The Encore Fellowships Network, a program of, is designed to deliver new sources of talent to organizations solving critical social problems.

America’s 78 million boomers enjoy a level of health, education and social awareness never dreamed of by their grandparents. Many are ready for a new stage of work – work that offers a renewed sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good.

It’s a simple goal but not an easy one to reach. How do people get from the end of midlife careers in business to a new stage of work that benefits society?  How do they find their “encore career”?

Encore Fellowships have become part of the answer by providing a source of new, high-impact talent for social purpose organizations. As a member the Encore Fellowship Network, SVP will match seasoned professionals transitioning out of corporate positions with structured assignments (typically 12 months, half-time) at nonprofit organizations, where they help nonprofits build capacity, grow strategically and, ultimately, have a broader impact on their communities. Benefits to Fellows include a $25,000 stipend, learning about nonprofit innovations, challenges and culture firsthand, and also receiving a one year membership in SVP.

The Encore Fellowship program dovetails seamlessly with SVP’s mission of building nonprofit capacity and developing highly engaged philanthropists. We believe that the program will result in stronger, more sustainable nonprofits as well as highly skilled individuals whose passion for and knowledge of the social sector is increased.

How You Can Help Today: Job Opening 
Our first step is to hire a Fellow to launch and run SVP’s program, and we are looking for referrals of qualified candidates.

Do you know someone who is winding down their career, but not quite ready to leave the workforce?  Someone who would like to use their skills and expertise to better our world? If so, please forward this email to them and encourage them to learn more on SVP’s website (! The position description can be found on the website.