Mediocrity Starts with ME by Vu Le

Mediocrity Starts with ME by Vu Le

As always, thank you to Vu Le for humor and reality check; see the whole article at

After being in this sector for over a decade, I can say that nonprofit professionals are some of the most awesome people on earth. We are smart, talented, dedicated, passionate, caring, humble, witty, cool, and hilarious. Also, we are really good-looking and are great dressers. Let’s see someone from the corporate sector rock that $6.99 button-down shirt from Ross, Dress for Less (originally $13.99). Read More »

Your Laugh for the Day – Downward-Facing Budget and Other Nonprofit Yoga Poses

Thanks to Vu Le, who always makes me laugh and makes through-provoking points about the nonprofit sector.

Downward-Facing Budget and Other Nonprofit Yoga Poses

We in nonprofits work a lot and oftentimes neglect important things. Like flossing. And exercise. There are many benefits of yoga, which are the ancient practices of training your mind, body, and spirit. Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have time for yoga; I have an important proposal to write.” Well, even a few minutes a day can help you get more relaxed and productive. Do not over-exert yourself if you are a yoga beginner. Try one or two poses each week, and increase the variety as you advance. Also, if your office can’t afford air conditioning this summer, all the better, because hot yoga is even more beneficial. Read More »