Open Position at the Pasadena Humane Society

Open Position at the Pasadena Humane Society

Volunteer Services Manager

Full-Time, Exempt

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is seeking an outgoing, energetic, flexible, detail-oriented person for the position of Volunteer Services Manager.

REPORTS TO: Sr. Vice President

This candidate will manage volunteers to assist in the delivery of the organization’s programs and services. This includes directly managing volunteers, and/or providing guidance, support, resources and tools to staff who supervise volunteers. Experience in Non-profit Organizations a must.

WORK SCHEDULE: Flexible to work weekends and evenings when necessary.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Exposure to numerous animals. Fast-paced working environment.

TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Volunteer Services Manager duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge of volunteerism and volunteer management practices
  • Public speaking and facilitation skills
  • Program management, including budgeting and financial oversight
  • Supervisory experience
  • Knowledge and/or experience with non-profit organization
  • Develop volunteer position descriptions
  • Community outreach to find volunteers
  • Screen (interviews, required background checks, etc.) and match volunteers to the Shelter’s needs and opportunities
  • Training and orientation for volunteers
  • Supervision of volunteers
  • Coordinate volunteer recognition
  • Assess organizational need and capacity for volunteers
  • Creating volunteer program materials (policies and procedures, applications, volunteer agreements, orientation handbooks)
  • Database management and tracking of volunteer statistics
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Develop and implement an intake and interview protocol for potential volunteers


 Leadership experience

  • Conflict management skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Experience in developing and implementing project plans and programs
  • Ability to work both independently and as a member of a large staff team
  • Familiar with diverse technologies and software
  • Knowledge of current trends, resources and information related to volunteerism
  • Understand ethical behavior and business practices, and ensure that own behavior and the behavior of the volunteers is consistent with the standards and aligns with the values of the Organization


 Bachelors Degree with emphasis in Social Science, Human Resources, community development, or adult education.

  • Three to five years of supervisory or management experience


  • Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications
  • Comprehensive benefits package is provided including sick, holiday and vacation pay. Additionally, pension and 403b

EXAMINATION: Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview to further evaluate each candidate’s experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. No relocation expenses reimbursement.

TO APPLY: Send resume along with a brief cover letter to or by mail to Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, ATTN: HR, 361 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena CA 91105 or by fax to (626) 792-3810. Due to the high volume of applicants, please no phone calls or emails to inquire about the status of the application.

Accommodating Volunteers with Disabilities

Accommodating Volunteers with Disabilities

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4 Steps to Grow Your Volunteer Program with LinkedIn

4 Steps to Grow Your Volunteer Program with LinkedIn

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Challenges To Avoid In Your Volunteer Program: Ed Day Keynote

Challenges To Avoid In Your Volunteer Program: Ed Day Keynote

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A Brave New World

A Brave New World

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Mixed Messages to Volunteers Whom We’ve Asked to Be Friendly

Mixed Messages to Volunteers Whom We’ve Asked to Be Friendly

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Any assignment labeled some variation of “friendly visitor” or “buddy,” in which the volunteer agrees to spend several hours weekly with a client – often a homebound senior or someone with late-stage AIDS. These visits are usually in the client’s home, one-to-one, with little structure other than the goals of providing welcome company, forming a supportive relationship, and being helpful in small, practical ways. Read More »

Summer volunteering, expert advice, and kittens

Summer volunteering, expert advice, and kittens

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Are You a Competent Volunteer Manager?

Are You a Competent Volunteer Manager?

Last year, the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration ( asked your help in distributing a practitioner survey as part of our comprehensive job analysis study. Thanks in large part to your efforts, we received over 800 responses!

The new competency framework clarifies and defines the full range of tasks involved in the professional management and leadership of volunteer engagement. It also serves as the foundation for the Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credential. The new framework details seven competencies: Read More »

DOVIA-LA 2015 Member Highlight: Steven Park

DOVIA-LA 2015 Member Highlight: Steven Park

Steven Parker

Q&A with Steven Parker, Program Associate

Coaching Corps

Q: Where are you currently working and how long have you been managing volunteers?

A: I work as a Program Associate at Coaching Corps. My main responsibilities include: Managing all Southern California volunteers, recruitment of volunteers, managing salesforce for SoCal, and generating reports to inform strategies. I’ve personally worked with volunteers for quite some time now. As a student in college I lead a couple of volunteer trips and I worked with volunteers throughout a year of service in Mandeville, Jamaica from 2010 to 2011. Working with Coaching Corps puts my experience with volunteers to the forefront of my work. At Coaching Corps, we partner with sports programs in low-income communities by providing them with trained, volunteer coaches. We offer the same training to our partners to train volunteer coaches they recruit on their own. Our comprehensive training outlines strategies for working with youth, setting up practices, and implementing youth development principles throughout coaching.

Q: How were you introduced to DOVIA-LA and what do you enjoy about the group?

A: We heard about DOVIA through an e-mail and we’ve enjoyed the discussions we’ve had with our contemporaries. I personally enjoy hearing about the successes and challenges that other volunteer organizations in the Los Angeles area experience and learning from them.

Q: Will you share a memorable volunteer story?

A: I recently spoke to one of our volunteers who coached a young basketball team. When he first took over the team, many of the players weren’t sure what they were doing and, as a result, they lost their first four games. Despite losing, he was witnessing improvement from all of his players. After that fourth loss, his team did not lose again until the championship game! His enthusiasm, excitement, and pride radiated through the phone. He was so proud of the way his team never gave up, practiced their skills, and turned their season around. He immediately committed to coaching the next basketball season as he hopes to see his team win the championship!

Q: Do you have any tips for volunteer managers?

 A: I take time to get to know our volunteers and hear their stories. I think this ultimately helps create the personal relationships I have with many of our coaches which makes my work much easier.

Q: Do you have any hobbies that help you maintain work/life balance?

A: I love sports. When I’m not working I’m either off playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, or tennis. I also love to coach and hope to find some time this summer or fall to pick up a youth sports team.